Sheenly LED round panels adopt super bright LED as its luminous body, powered by low voltage constant current driver, which is safety, energy-saving and long life. Aluminum die-casting housing with baking varnish disposal makes it stylish and fashionable with everlasting color.

Excellent thermal management can effectively guarantee the LED’s long-term stability. The front panel board is high translucent acrylic, which ensures the light even, soft and high transmittance. Instant start, no flickering, no humming, no hazardous material (mercury, lead etc).

Suitable for recessed installation, simple and convenient.


Sheenly small panel whole21


Sheenly small panel whole22

108 Classe A 2835 LED
CRI +80
Dimmable (fonction facultative)
Angle faisceau 120°
Diffusion lumineuse uniforme
Pas de composant électronique interne
Installation simple
5 ans de garantie sur la source lumineuse et l’alimentaion led

ArticleWattKelvinLumenL’angle d’éclairageDimensions
PAN-08W-WW-R48W3000K450120°Ø145 x 12 Cutout: Ø125
PAN-08W-NW-R48W4000K600120°Ø145 x 12 Cutout: Ø125
PAN-15W-WW-R615W3000K1000120°Ø180 x 12 Cutout: Ø160
PAN-15W-NW-R615W4000K1200120°Ø180 x 12 Cutout: Ø160
PAN-26W-WW-R824W3000K1800120°Ø240 x 12 Cutout: Ø220
PAN-26W-NW-R824W4000K2000120°Ø240 x 12 Cutout: Ø220